The Puddelbee Company

Jeremiah Puddelbee eſq.

Welcome to the internet home of the Puddelbee Company. Here I will be publiſhing a miſcellany of entertainment and diverſions, including various puzzles of my own devizing under the alias of Jeremiah Puddelbee.

Handcrafted Puzzles

My featured puzzles are Keta-Kan 桁間, Foolscap Sudoku and Futoshiki. Keta-Kan is a pseudo-Japanese name which may translate as crossdigit or between digits in English, Kreuzziffer in German, and entre les chiffres in French. Keta-Kan is a hybrid of SuDoku and Kakuro which looks like a British style crossword grid. Foolscap Sudoku is a 10 x 6 Sudoku puzzle named for the aspect ratio of Foolscap writing paper. It follows the normal rules of Sudoku, except that the columns contain the digits 0 to 9 and the rows contain any series of 6 digits which may pass through zero. Futoshiki is a variation of the classic inequality puzzle, using the numbers 0 to 9, on a 10 x 10 grid.

Keta-Kan Foolscap Sudoku Futoshiki
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Because the best way to enjoy a puzzle is with a hardcopy and a pencil, or ink pen for the proficient, all puzzles are free to download as pdf documents. Solutions will be available for purchase a reasonable time after the puzzle was first uploaded.


Here I will be publishing short stories, essays and serialisations of longer works. These will be a mixture of the new and the old, including some regrettably Forgotten Classics, edited by the pseudonymous Rev. Huw Caerphilly. Selected chapters or episodes will be free to download as pdf documents, and the complete works will be available for purchase a reasonable time after the initial publication.

My featured books are: